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Margita Grabovska

I started my career as a freelance graphic designer and worked very successfully in the prepress industry for many years.  But I have always been passionate about learning new subjects and to satisfy my curiosities I immersed myself in studying decorative arts and crafts.  Painting, fashion design and tailoring, plastering, and ceramics all allowed me to explore my creativity and express myself.  
But no craft drew me in like goldsmithing.  Maybe because there is something about goldsmithing that feels mysterious, like alchemy.  Or because the world of gemstones and minerals seem to echo the forgotten colors and shapes of the past.  One must be sensitive and keenly aware when working with gemstones.  They require special treatment by skilled hands.  
I always feel the same childish thrill when I look into a sea of gemstones and gaze upon the amazing colors.  It is a paradise.  And it seems the rarer the gem occurs in nature, the more intense the spell it casts upon you.  Taking them in your hand you can feel their power, almost a proof of a higher existence.  
With my passion being clearly defined I needed to achieve the level of skill that met the high requirements I demanded of myself and so I left to train as a goldsmith for three years at the Antidotum jewelry school in Warsaw, Poland.  It was here I studied under the finest Polish goldsmiths.  At the end of my degree I received the prize of distinction in Fresh Metal 2009 organized by the Italian jewelry school, Learte Orafe.
It was that same year my dream of becoming a professional jeweler came true when I established Margisa.  Now, Margisa jewelry is a growing brand available in Poland, across the United States and soon around the world. 

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